We also accept Zelle (bank to bank payment). We are offering a Free Gift when paying by Zelle. Please see payment details below.

Important Information for Card Payments, Please Read.


To help fight against card fraud, we use Address Verification Service (AVS) on all card payments.

Please be advised that if your payment is rejected due to failing the AVS, the cardholders bank will hold the funds for several days before releasing them back to the cardholder. There is no refunded to be issued as the funds never left the cardholders account. You will need to speak to the cardholders bank for more information.

"AVS" checks a cardholder’s billing address with the card issuer. An AVS request includes the billing address (street address and zip code).

AVS checks the address information and provides a result code, which indicates whether the address given by the cardholder matches the address on file with their bank. Please be advised that not all card issuers participate and if your bank does not participate, the payment will be rejected.

The issuer makes an authorization decision separately from the AVS request and compares the cardholder billing address sent with the billing address for that account. The issuer then returns both the authorization response and a single character alphabetic code result that indicates whether the address given by the cardholder matches the address on file with the card issuer.

Please note, order cancellations are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Want to your order shipped to different address; payments by ACH or Zelle can be shipped to any address you like.


Zelle Payment Details:

Send payment to:

Orders are held for 72 hours to allow you to make your payment, if payment is not received within this timeframe, the order will be cancelled.

We are offering a Free Gift when paying with Zelle. Your Free Gift will be included in your order.

Please allow up to 3 working days for payments to be received and confirmed.

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