Cone Size Chart

RAW cones are great for people who are looking for an easier way to roll, or for if you like to smoke a lot. They’re much faster to fill and to use than a normal paper so they’re great if you aren’t a good roller or don’t want the faff each time you want to smoke. 

Rawthenic cones, like the rolling papers, come in different sizes to suit how you prefer to smoke. Take a look at our size guide and then head to the cone shop to get yours.




These are your basic cones. They’re 83mm in length and have a 26mm tip 

98 Special 

As the name suggests, these cones are 98mm in length, giving you that extra space for a larger smoke. It’s also got a 26mm tip. 

King Size or Lean

A king size will give you a cone 110mm in length with a tip of 26mm. A lean cone is the same length as a kingsize, but you’ll get a 40mm tip giving you a little more space inside. 


The 140mm peacemaker does exactly what it says and brings peace to your group with its sharable size. You’ll have a 35mm tip with this one.


The Emperador is great for sharing. It’s 180mm in length and has a 45mm tip so there’s plenty to go around. 


We’re getting really big now, at a fun packed 280mm length and an 88mm tip. You’ll have some magic times with the supernatural. 

Challenge cone

The challenge cone is exactly that, a challenge. At 600mm with a 150m tip, this is not a challenge to be taken lightly. Make sure you’re ready if you’re going to take this on.

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